Renewables generated triple the power of coal in 2017, UK figures show

British wind farms generated more electricity than coal plants on more than 75% of days this year, an analysis of energy figures has shown. Solar also outperformed coal more than half the time, the data provided by website MyGridGB revealed. Read more The post Renewables generated triple the power of coal in 2017, UK figures[…]

INFOGRAPHIC: The numbers behind the world's closest trade relationship

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist Whether we’re discussing the ancient merchants that traversed the legendary Silk Road, or the transfer of goods across modern border lines, trade has always been about building close relationships. There are many examples of strong and mutually-beneficial trade relationships all throughout history, but one doesn’t have to look far back to[…]

Denmark's largest energy firm to ditch coal by 2023

On the same day a new The Economist Intelligence Unit report concluded European coal generation is declining and will continue to face a “difficult outlook”, Danish giant Dong Energy (CPH:DENERG) announced it would phase out the use of the fossil fuel. As part of the plan, Dong Energy will stop using coal at all of its European power[…]

Coal use in Europe on its way out — report

Coal generation in Europe is falling and will continue to do so due to competition from cleaner energy sources, such as natural gas and renewables, as well as governments efforts to cut emissions, a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) argues. The UK is leading the way when it comes to reducing coal dependency,[…]

Decision on coal mine close to UK reserve ‘could spell end’ to industry

An imminent decision on whether to allow a new surface coal mine close to a nature reserve in North East England, could mark the beginning of a definite end to the industry in the UK, environmentalists claim. Green groups are fighting Banks Group’s plans to go ahead with its Highthorn project, a three million tonne (Mt) opencast mine[…]