Luxembourg shoots for the stars with fresh space mining deal

Luxembourg seems to be in a rush to achieve its goal of becoming Europe’s hub for space mining, as it announced Monday a deal with a newly created company specializing in geolocation services and developing space infrastructure. Kleos Space, 100% owned by UK-based Magna Parva, is one of dozens of firms to have either settled[…]

INTERACTIVE: Mining emerges from slump

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Trump infrastructure bump forecast for global economy

During his campaign Donald Trump promised to push through a $500 billion spending program to build bridges, roads, railways, schools and hospitals early next year. The president elect also has aspirations of $1 trillion in infrastructure build-out in the US over the next decade. “Well targeted public spending initiatives could catalyse private economic activity and[…]

Luxembourg shoots for the stars, invests $28 million in Planetary Resources

Artist’s rendition courtesy of NASA. Luxembourg is stepping up efforts to become Europe’s centre for space mining by buying a major stake in US-based asteroid miner Planetary Resources in a deal worth $28 million (€25 million) in investments. The funding, which includes a direct investment of €12 million and grants for €13 million from the country’s government and[…]

Mining robots key to colonizing Mars — Elon Musk

SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk, who last month revealed details of his ambitious plans to get at least a million people to Mars, said mining robots will be a key part of the planned colonization of the red planet. In reply to several inquiries during a question-and-answer “AMA” session on Reddit on Sunday, the tech billionaire — who also[…]

INFOGRAPHIC: The facts and figures that make space mining real

While many still see space mining as science fiction, news about steps towards the creation of a resources industry and manufacturing supply chain out off-Earth continues to grab headlines. The latest news come from global recruitment expert Fircroft, which specializes in the oil and gas industry, and which recently put together a telling infographic outlining the main[…]

CHART: Despite unnerving gold price fall, mining rally's intact

Gold’s slide may be hurting sentiment and uranium and potash prices seem to be plumbing new depts every week, but 2016 is still a banner year for mining and metals. Gold is just hanging onto bull market status with a 20.1% improvement since the start of the year, but recent weakness has seen platinum and palladium[…]

Space mining absolutely viable — NASA expert

While many still see space mining as science fiction, the development of a resources industry and manufacturing supply chain out off-Earth is both plausible and beneficial, according to former NASA researcher and current University of Central Florida professor Dr. Phil Metzger. In an extensive proposal released earlier this month, the academic — whose work at NASA[…]

NASA’s latest mission may tell us whether asteroid mining is really a go

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will take samples of asteroid material and return it to Earth. (Image courtesy of NASA) The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has launched its first mission to take samples from an asteroid and return them to Earth, in what it could be a pivotal step for several companies currently planning to[…]