Nova Scotia miners offer more than $8,000 cash to students who can prove industry ‘rocks’

As a way of rising awareness and interest in mining awareness among junior high and high school students in Nova Scotia, Canada, a provincial industry group is offering over $8000 in cash prizes to kids with some basic video skills. The Mining ROCKS! contest, now in its fourth year, hopes to inspire children to learn about[…]

Here’s how to avoid being caught in mining scams

Calling a class “bullshit,” and in public, would normally be considered inappropriate, but there’s one where students can get away with it. Two University of Washington professors are teaching a course to help learners “think critically about the data and models that constitute evidence in the social and natural sciences,” according to the introduction to the[…]

Miners increased spending positive, but far from reaching staff just yet

While mining companies have resumed projects that were placed in the back burner last year and upped capital spending, employees have yet to benefit from the surge in commodity prices. While most miners have managed to straighten balance sheets, they have not began preparing to deal with a new looming risk — their ability to access workers[…]

Canada’s mining industry faces workers shortage of up to 127,000 — report

The average retiring worker takes with him 37 years of labour force experience, a loss the industry must offset, says the report. (Image from archives) With commodity prices rebounding from their lowest in at least 25 years, miners are stepping up spending and considering the reactivation of projects placed in the back burner, but there[…]